Vintage benches - Save up to 80% by choosing second hand

Vintage benches

Vintage benches are much more than just a place to sit. They represent history, character and style. With their unique designs and charming look, they add a touch of nostalgia to your interiors. Whether you are looking for an extra seat in the living room, a decorative element in the hall or a functional piece of furniture in the bedroom, vintage benches are versatile mood creators that will take your interior to the next level. In this text, we take you into the world of vintage sofas, focusing on different styles, materials and designer brands. Then we will give you a handy summary of the main points to consider when buying a vintage bench.

Different styles

The Mid Century Modern style is a timeless and popular style for vintage benches. This style originated in the period after World War II and is characterised by clean lines, organic shapes and functionality. Vintage benches in the Mid Century Modern style often have slim wooden legs and upholstered seats in neutral colours. They fit perfectly into modern and minimalist interiors and add a touch of vintage charm.

Retro benches bring back the playful and colourful character of the 50s, 60s and 70s into your interiors. These benches often have striking colours, bold prints and unusual shapes. Retro benches are a great way to make a statement in your interior and add a touch of cheer to any room.

Scandinavian benches are known for their simple and functional designs, inspired by the natural surroundings and minimalism of Scandinavia. Vintage Scandinavian-style benches are often made of light-coloured wood and have clean lines with comfortable cushions in soft colours. These benches create a cosy and serene atmosphere in your interior.

Different materials

Wood is a common material in vintage benches because of its durability and timeless beauty. Wooden benches have a warm and natural look, and can range from light-coloured oak to dark walnut. A wooden vintage bench adds a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to your interior.

Textile sofas are wonderfully comfortable and add softness to your interior. Vintage benches with upholstered seats are available in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, wool or velvet. Choose a patterned or textured bench to add a playful touch to your interior.

Vintage benches with metal frames have an industrial and tough look. These benches often feature robust metal legs and a wooden or upholstered seat. A vintage metal bench can be a statement piece in your interior, adding a contemporary twist to the classic vintage style.

Vintage design bench

Vintage design benches are pieces of furniture that stand out for their unique designs and high-quality materials. These benches are often the result of collaborations between renowned designers and furniture manufacturers. Design sofas have a timeless appeal and are perfect for those looking for a special addition to their interiors.

Artifort is a well-known Dutch design brand that specialises in making high-quality and innovative furniture pieces. The brand is known for its modern and playful designs, where comfort and aesthetics are key. Artifort's vintage sofas are true works of art that add character and style to your interior.

What should I look out for when buying a vintage bench?

  • Condition: Carefully examine the condition of the bench. Vintage furniture may show signs of wear, but avoid pieces with serious damage or irreparable defects.
  • Fit: Make sure the size of the bench fits the available space in your interior. Measure the space where you want to place the bench and consider the height and width of the bench.
  • Style and Interior: Consider which style of vintage bench best suits your interior. Consider the existing furniture and color schemes to create a harmonious whole.
  • Comfort: Try out the bench and assess the comfort of the seat. A bench may look nice, but it should also be comfortable to sit on.
  • Price: Compare prices at different sellers and marketplaces to make sure you pay a fair price for the vintage bench.

Vintage benches are timeless mood makers that add a touch of character and history to your interiors. With styles such as Mid Century Modern, Retro and Scandinavian, materials such as wood, textiles and metal, and designer brands such as Artifort, there are countless options to find a unique vintage bench