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Our Scandinavian design chairs are the real design classics and are a real eye-catcher in the interior of many. How do you choose the ideal Scandinavian chair for your interior? You can see the Scandinavian style everywhere. In shop windows, magazines, on TV and even in the interior of one of your friends, this style has become universal! Since then you've completely fallen for Scandinavian design that is both trendy and sleek. So you have decided to bring a Scandinavian atmosphere into your home.

But you still have to choose the furniture that suits your interior. In this article, Whoppah gives some tips that will hopefully help you choose the ideal Scandinavian chair!

The Scandinavian style is distinguished by its soft lines and the use of neutral tones and line wood. This Scandinavian design reveals an air of health and elegance. To guide you to the ideal chair model, Whoppah highlights some fundamental points.

Which material should I choose for my Scandinavian chair?

Yes, the material you choose for your Scandinavian chairs is an important step! Between fabric, plastic, velvet, wood or rattan, you should be able to choose the material that will be both practical and aesthetic. Choose according to your lifestyle.

For example, opt for a plastic or leather seat for the sake of maintenance. If you have young children, fabric or velvet seats are more likely to stain. However, Diiiz's new synthetic fabrics are easier to wash than 20 years ago. So if you're a fan of fabric, don't worry!

Scandinavian chairs made of wood

For a warm interior, you can opt for a fabric or wooden chair that gives your interior character. From an aesthetic point of view and for a more modern look, choose plastic or leather.

What color and style should my Scandinavian chair have?

It seems logical, but it is a crucial criterion. Color plays an important role in the choice of your Scandinavian chairs. This determines whether the look matches the entire room!

Originally, Scandinavian chairs were only available in black or white. Nowadays there are numerous colors and combinations available, making the possibilities enormous. Grey, beige, blue, green and even mustard yellow, you will be spoiled for choice!

Now you know the important criteria for choosing your Nordic design chair!