Mid century furniture: power of natural beauty

Mid century modern furniture: where modern and classic meet

'Just act normal, then you're acting crazy enough!' An expression that is not only written for the Dutch, but also mid century furniture. Mid century, you say? Made a name for itself as an interior style in the 1930s to the 1960s with minimalist furniture, light colours, organic shapes and many natural products. A time when people were ready for a fresh interior without much fuss and liked to bring nature into their home. So a bit outside-in.

Today, mid century furniture is still very popular. We get it, because timeless and trending in one. That is why at Whoppah we have a wide range of second-hand mid century furniture. As a design enthusiast, find the vintage find you've been daydreaming about for ages or give new life to a statement piece by looking for a new home. Buying and selling come together on our marketplace. Have a look around!

Mid century furnishings, pleasant

Once fascinated by the charm of mid century modern furniture, the living style will not let you go. It is modern yet homey. It is classic and yet always current. They are not intrusive designs, but they do know their place in the home. What further characterizes all mid century furniture are the sleek silhouettes on the one hand and the organic shapes on the other. Furthermore, extensive use of wood and the combination of comfort and functional design. Where terracottas, beiges and other neutral natural tones predominate, there is also room for bright accent colours: mustard yellow, moss green, navy blue and so on. Well-known interior designers of mid century furniture include mr. and mrs. Eames, from the Eames chair of the same name. And the Danish Hans Wagner has also left his mark firmly on the style.

Mid century furniture: from sofas to sideboards

Where the interior style ' mid century modern' has many (dark) wooden frames, tapered legs, clean lines and neutral natural tones with a cool color accent here and there, this is not the look. The design movement of the modern classics also includes a movement of plastic bucket seats, graceful use of glass, wicker and rattan items. Quite something different, but here too a leading role for authenticity and craftsmanship. For comfort and practical design. Not too pronounced, but also far from a gray mouse. And that is exactly what makes mid century modern furniture feel very much at home in many types of living rooms. Scandinavian with mid century furniture? Check! Bohemian with mid century modern furniture? Check! Did we mention that for a mid century modern style, the whole house does not have to be full of 60s furniture? Hereby. Variety of vintage with a newfangled twist. Oh, and let's not forget the role of abstract art in this interior design style. You have also come to the right place at Whoppah for that.

Whoppah and mid century furniture

You see, vintage design has many faces. Our curated second-hand range of mid century furniture puts words into action. From unique highlights of Mid-Century benches to characteristic dressing tables, cabinets and trendy garden ware. When will you welcome the 50s [Mad Men atmosphere]( https://www.whoppah.com/nl/collections/mad-men-2)?

Buy Mid century modern

Many people are attracted to this style because the style looks so simplistic yet classy and chic. You can find these pieces in many different colors like black or brown, but they are most often seen in shades of white or beige. Mid-century modern furniture style was heavily influenced by the Bauhaus design movement. This movement focused on simplicity, functionality, and the rejection of ornamentation. Mid-century furniture designs are built to last, making them a great investment for your home.

Mid century modern furniture

The style is characterized by clean lines and minimal ornamentation, often produced by mass production techniques. Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by clean, uncluttered lines, organic shapes, and the use of natural materials such as leather or wood. Many people embrace the mid-century modern style because they see it as a way to simplify their lives. The style is also seen as a way to reduce stress levels.

Mid century modern interior

While there are many different interpretations, Mid-century modern interior design is a style that focuses on clean and simple lines. It has also been described as free of decoration and frills. It is characterized by an interest in machine aesthetics and a rejection of ornamentation. It's all about iconic furniture. Just think of a beautiful Eames chair or Neutra chair. The lines in the interior are pure at mid century. In other words, pure and clear. The design is minimalistic and natural.

Mid century modern lamp

These lamps are a big hit among interior designers. With their sleek and striking appearance, these lamps can transform any living room or bedroom into a space with an atmosphere of sophistication. In recent years, this trend has become popular again. Many people are looking for lamps in this style. It's not surprising why - these lamps look great!

What is mid century Modern?

Mid-century modern is a style of architecture and design that emerged in the mid-twentieth century. It is often associated with clean lines, undecorated surfaces, and the use of new materials such as plastic and aluminum. It is characterized by clean lines, simple shapes and often natural materials such as wood or stone. The style is considered an American adaptation of European Modernisme. The term "mid-century modern" was coined in 1978 by architectural historian Richard Guy Wilson to describe a particular era in art and design. The term "mid-century modern" can be used to describe both the style of furniture and the architecture that emerged during this period.

What does a mid-century modern interior cost?

The cost of a mid-century modern interior varies depending on design preferences, type of furniture, age, popularity, condition of the furniture and other factors. It can range anywhere from 5 to several hundred euros.