Sell your item from our Showroom!

We pick it up, make even better pictures and sell it for you.

How does it work?

Do you want to get rid of your furniture or piece of art immediately? Whoppah has an exclusive sales service. We will collect your item(s) and help you sell it faster. We improve your advertisement and place your item online and in our showroom where buyers can view it.

  1. We pick it up within 2 working days
  2. We bring it to the Whoppah Showroom in Oude Meer near Schiphol
  3. We take professional photos and create an advertisement for you
  4. We store the item until it is sold or you book a return or pick it up yourself


Courier pick up


We take professional photos, create the ad and show it in our showroom


Commission fee


What can I store in the Whoppah Showroom?

All design furniture and art that can be offered for sale on Whoppah. This means that they must comply with our curation rules.

What are the costs for storage in the Showroom?

You do not pay any storage costs. We rely on our curation policy and expect your item to be sold quickly.

What if my item hasn't been sold after 3 months?

Your asking price will be reduced by 25% after 3 months to realize a faster sale. Your item may then remain there until it is sold.

What if someone wants to see my item?

At Whoppah all items can be viewed every day. The potential buyer can make an appointment with the Whoppah support team. We guide potential buyers on the spot if they want to make an offer or buy the item.

Do I pay a commission fee?

We charge a commission of 25% of the sales price.

What if my item gets damaged?

When we pickup the item, we take photos of the item (state and details) and describe in detail the condition in which we take the item with us. You sign off on this. If something goes wrong during transport or storage, Whoppah is insured.

Can I determine my own asking price?

You determine the asking price yourself and whether bidding is allowed and if so from how much. If this is unrealistic in our view, we may not include the item in our Showroom. After all, it has to be sold.

What happens if I already have an advertisement?

We make the advertisement even more beautiful with good photos and place it back at the top of the list so that you sell even faster.

Can I also bring my item?

Yes you can.