Team by Wellis Volare wall cabinet

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Team by Wellis Volare wall cabinet


Beautiful wall cabinet, type 'Volare' from Team by Wellis with LED lighting. It is a double element. One element in lacquered wood with wooden shelf in a grey-brown/taupe colour, and one element in frosted glass with glass shelf. The top and front of the elements can slide completely over each other. Includes suspension rail. light signs of use Dimensions: Long: 254.3 cm High: 66.9 cm Deep:  48.6 cm This design item can be viewed in the Whoppah showroom where we have filled 2500m2 with the most beautiful design items. You are most welcome to visit us on Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm (Oregondreef 2, in Utrecht). Do you want to know what can be found in the showroom? Check out the Showroom collection on

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Glass, Wood


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1 pcs
254 cm
70 cm
48 cm


As good as new with no signs of wear

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