Sollux Lampe Original Hanau Accent Lamp

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Sollux Lampe Original Hanau Accent Lamp


Sollux Lampe by Original Hanau accent / table Lamp. originally designed as an infrared heat radiation light for Medical / Hospital / Sanatorium, you would hold the cork end against your wrist/shoulder/arm/leg that needed heat therapy; now an excellent mood light accent piece; spectacular starburst pattern on the wall from the light coming out the back ventilation slots; Bauhaus Industrial styling! bakelite wall-switch on the end, other bakelite knobs,beautiful brown bakelite base with crisp diamond cut edge/chamfer,with heavy shaped stone insert for stability; rotates, tilts and pivots; cork in excellent condition; brushed aluminium shade with red glassfilter (in 4 strips) insert; vintage, retro, 30s, 1930s, thirties; comes with the bulb shown in the photos, no guarantee that it will survive shipping; wiring is not original, it has been (sympathetically) updated at some point; labeled: imprinted: “Original Hanau” on the shade and has a beautiful brass badge: “Sollux Lampe Original Hanau“

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Glass, Aluminium


22 cm
50 cm
38 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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