Rob Scholte - After Us The Deluge II

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Rob Scholte - After Us The Deluge II


image size 60 x 37.5 frame size 83 x 66 list Yes technique Piezography art type Category B 575 to 1025 style figurative inventory A list type 85 SZI orientation landscape size medium Rob Scholte was born in Amsterdam on June 1, 1958. He lived successively in Castricum, Doorn and Heiloo. He attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy from 1977 to 1982 and subsequently became part of the Warmoesstraat 139 artists' initiative. His studio was located in Laurierstraat, in the building where the livingroom gallery, The Livingroom, was located until 1993. Scholte held his first exhibition here in 1984. In his heyday as an artist, Scholte was a much-seen figure in Amsterdam's nightlife. He led a wild life full of booze, dope and women. The life of Scholte and other Amsterdam artists such as Peter Klashorst served as a source of inspiration for the novel Gimmick! (1989) by Joost Zwagerman. In 1993 Rob Scholte became a professor at the university in Kassel (a job he quit in 1999). In 1994 disaster struck for Rob Scholte. A bomb attack cost him both his legs and led to much speculation. The carcass of his BMW was exhibited at Arti et Amicitae in January 1995 in the Bits and Pieces exhibition. The torn and burnt-out car is an indictment of the violence in society. An icon of terror. Crime and art. After the attack he leaves for Tenerife from where he works in his studio as a hermit, but besides that he is also a man of the world. He takes an active part in international art life. His work is sold through galleries and recognized auction houses such as Christie's Amsterdam and Sotheby's and even online. His greatest production and achievement was in 1995 in Japan by Rob Scholte. In Nagasaki, Japan, a Dutch village has been recreated with a replica of Huis ten Bosch palace. Here Scholte is working on a 1,200-meter-long mural The Netherlands, designed by him. Rob Scholte does not want to be an artist who uses deeply felt, strongly personal expression in the isolation of his studio. In his eyes, art should convey a message. She can only do that if she uses the visual language, as it is all around us. In this bombardment of images, the distinction between art and kitsch no longer applies. But Scholte's paintings are more than just visual jokes; often they have a double or triple bottom. Rob Scholte's paintings usually contain autobiographical elements, in certain paintings these are more clearly identifiable than in others. Each painting has its own law. Theme, composition, color and tension together form that law that every work must comply with, according to Scholte, if it is to be good. Humor is also an important element in Rob Scholte's work. And according to him, this should not be confused with ridicule. “I take things very seriously. But serious matters also always have a humorous side. Humor is important to me. It's part of the art that I love. There is no deep philosophy underlying my work. To me, Laurel and Hardy are greater philosophers than, say, Wittgenstein. Their Humor gives a kind of liberation. I use that element in my work”. He recently applied for the organization of the 11th Documenta.

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Nature and landscape

83 cm
66 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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