Painting "DJ" by Franz Wilhelm

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Painting "DJ" by Franz Wilhelm


Painting "DJ" offered for sale by painter Franz Wilhelm (Weesp, 1968). Format: 90cm x 90cm Material: acrylic paint Substrate: canvas, stretched on a wooden frame, see photos. More information about the painter: Franz Wilhelm makes warm figurative paintings of people and animals. Born in Weesp 1968. Studied graphic design at the Hoge School of the Arts in Utrecht for 2 years. Then started a studio in Weesp and after an experimental year came to the basis of the current style. The content of that style is based on the “less is more” principle. Each figure is for him the strongest stripped-down form of reality. As a result, the figures gain in strength and become a kind of icons. There is always an important relationship between the figures or their relationship with the space. In a warm atmosphere, figures of speech come on the stage, are illuminated and then tell something about joy, loneliness or love. The colors are like stoves for the soul. Lots of warm tones that he calls 'Rembrandt' colors, alternating with the coolest blues and greens for balance. Balance is a starting point in the composition. In order to achieve the brightest colours, Franz Wilhelm has developed a technique that allows a lot of light from the underlying canvas to pass through into the color by means of an abrasive movement. Furthermore, a lot of layer upon layer is painted to achieve a deepening in the color. The medium used is acrylic paint. Source: art o live

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