Kelima Handwoven rug - 100% Egyptian wool Kilim - 90x160cm - Natural

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Kelima Handwoven rug - 100% Egyptian wool Kilim - 90x160cm - Natural


The hand-woven Kilim carpet is known for its natural colors and classic look. It is made of 100% sheep wool and contains the authentic colors wool white, beige, cream, brown and black. Each item is unique and perfect for decoration or use in the home or office. Give your living room, bedroom, hallway or other space a new look with this handmade rug! Handwoven Kilim Rug of 100% Egyptian Wool The Kilim carpet natural is 100% made of sheep's wool and contains no additional dyes. The rug consists of different natural brown colours, making it easy to combine in any interior. The motifs woven into the Kilim rug have a special meaning; these represent protection, happiness and fertility. Please note: because this product is handmade, each product is unique and slightly different from the rest. Fits any interior The Kilim rug consists of several classic colors: white, beige, cream, brown and black. It gives warmth and style to the space along with a touch of Egyptian culture. Thanks to the natural colours, the Kilim rug fits into any interior: from sleek and modern, to rural and vintage. The carpet is fairly narrow (90 cm wide), which makes it perfect for the hall or landing. Features Kilim rug ✔ Handmade ✔ 100% Egyptian sheep wool ✔Natural and minimalist design ✔ Not high pile ✔ Sturdy material ✔ Naturally resistant to dirt ✔ Fits into any interior thanks to the natural colors Kelima collection 2022 The Kelim hand-woven rug is part of a larger collection 'Authentic Beauty' from the Kelima brand. Kelima carpets are made with great care and precision by the best artisans in Egypt. The designs and colors are deeply rooted in Egyptian culture: from the desert, small villages and areas with pyramids. The designs have been specially chosen to introduce the long history of Egyptian weaving culture to the Western world. Using underlay to extend lifespan The Kilim carpet can easily last for years, but to extend its life we recommend that you always use an underlay. An underlay ensures that the rug always stays in place. So no sliding in the hall, living room or other space. In addition, it provides additional sound insulation and protects the underlay from premature wear. A tip from the makers: the Kilim rug is reversible. We recommend that you turn the carpet every six months to extend its lifespan. Cleaning a handwoven Kilim rug Since the carpet is woven by hand, the material is naturally resistant to dirt. To keep the rug as clean as possible, you can vacuum it regularly. Just don't do this with the brushes of the vacuum cleaner in the most extended position. This can damage the rug. In addition, it is also possible to gently shake the rug, so that dirt and dust fall out. Is there a stain in the carpet? Don't worry, just pat it off gently with a damp cloth. 5 cleaning tips: 1- Wash the rug by hand in cold water. 2- Hang the rug to dry after washing, do not put it in the dryer. 3- Do not use bleach or stain remover when washing. 4- Stains must be removed immediately with a clean cloth and soapy water. 5- Take the rug to the dry cleaner for best results. Specifications: ▶Type: Handmade ▶ Material: 100% Egyptian wool ▶ Style: Natural and Classic ▶ Color: Beige ▶ Dimensions: 90x160 cm ▶ Brand : Kelima ▶ Shape : Rectangle

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