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Image 1 of Hima Juwita Pakun - Bronze sculpture of a nude woman

Hima Juwita Pakun - Bronze sculpture of a nude woman

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Emmeloord, Netherlands
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Bronze statue on stone plinth. 12cm x 12cm x 24cm. Himajuwita Pakun was born in Naarden in 1956 as Himadjuwita Pakun from a Dutch mother and a Javanese father: the grandson of a sultan. Her father studied theology at the Free University of Amsterdam in the 1950s. After his studies, the young family moved to Java. When Himajuwita was five, her father was killed in a traffic accident in Jakarta. She then returned to the Netherlands with her mother and sister. She processed these experiences in her novella Cracks in the brown (1990). Himajuwita spent the rest of her youth in Wapenveld, a small village on the Veluwe. She initially devoted herself to the art of dance, both classical and modern. She thus followed in the footsteps of her father, who played in a Gamelan orchestra before his studies in the Netherlands and was a Javanese court dancer. Himajuwita met visual artist Theo Koster and moved to The Hague, where she ended up in the lively artists' circuit. She has learned a lot from him and his colleagues. Over the past twenty years, Himajuwita has become attached to that beautiful city behind the dunes and can often be seen walking with her dog Max. The impressions she gains along the way, and all kinds of surprising encounters, form an important source of inspiration for her artistic expressions. Himajuwita has always had a fascination for people: the masculine and feminine principle, the language of the body and the stories it tells. For a decade, Himajuwita had her own practice as a body therapist, from which a logical link can be made to her work as a visual artist. She started making sculptures and later started painting. Himajuwita models her female figures in wax. She finds that a more pleasant material than clay. During the process she explores the female body in all its sensuality. The statues are cast in bronze by a bronze caster. This is done according to the cire perdue, or the lost wax method. The sculptures are then patinated. Her paintings also mainly feature female figures. She uses acrylic and oil paint on canvas, with mixed techniques. Playful and colorful one moment, more subdued the next. The desire to express oneself is not limited to one discipline. Himajuwita's art always shows a clear coherence, also in her writing. She herself says: «Life is energy. Is constantly moving. One moment there is chaos, the next moment there is order, sometimes stillness. Like the white between the lines, or a pose in a dance, the meditative in the movements of the body or the frozen moment in my sculptures and paintings. What is invisible, what is tangible? It's the art of exploring. By looking, listening, feeling.”

ConditionExcellentColorsTurquoiseMaterialBronzeNumber of items1StyleModernSubjectPortrait, Body / NakedOrientationLandscapeArt sizeSmallHeight12 cmWidth24 cmDepth12 cm