Art Nouveau platform vaas Regina

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Art Nouveau platform vaas Regina


Beautiful Art Nouveau pottery vase. This vase was made circa 1920 by Plateelbakkerij Regina. This Plateelbakkerij was founded in 1898 by Gerrit Frederik van der Want and Georges Antoine Barras. Initially, only earthenware tobacco pipes were made. In 1917 Regina started producing decorative pottery after they had bought a number of production molds from the estate of the Rozenburg Plateelbakkerij in The Hague. Initially, Regina only made glossy pottery, such as this vase, but from 1925 they also started to produce plastics, dinnerware and matt pottery. From 1935, Delft pottery was also produced. After the Second World War, Regina started producing modern designed objects. From the 1960s, Regina began to suffer from foreign competition, which eventually forced Regina to close its doors in 1979. The vase is in good condition, however there is a firing flaw at the top of the neck. The vase is signed at the bottom with a crown with the initials W.B. The crown represents the founding year of 1898, which was also the coronation year of Queen Wilhelmina. The initials W.B. stand for van der Want and Barras, the founders of Regina.

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