Anneke Peereboom - Teatro Rojo I

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Anneke Peereboom - Teatro Rojo I


image size 60 x 60 frame size 84 x 86 list Yes technique screen printing art type Category A up to 575,- style abstract inventory A list type 85 SZI orientation square size medium Anneke Peereboom has been active as a visual artist for years and not without results: her paintings and serigraphs can be admired throughout the country. Colour, shape and a great attention to detail: these are the eye-catching features of her work. For several years now, the artist has been painting canvases, from abstract works to images with texts and nudes. After her education at the Rietveld Academy, she worked as a graphic designer and art director for magazines such as Opzij and Vrij Nederland. Three years ago she also graduated as a Master in Art & Culture. She has a special interest in semiotics, the meaning of signs. This is particularly expressed in the canvases in which she has incorporated fragments of texts. The connection between form and meaning of signs and symbols fascinates her. Each painting started as a clear image, a tree, a mountain, a flower, snow, sun, a model. This concrete image is the starting point for the transformation, for a movement that in principle continues forever even after the final phase on the canvas. The paint has started to weave its own story around the archetype, the archetype that we all essentially carry with us. A story that refers to another world, another dimension in which the viewer can lose himself. While painting, one color is placed next to the other, or over the other. Glazing or opaque. The rhythm in which this happens also determines the composition. The painted world becomes accessible through the openwork structure here and there. The canvas is a snapshot, at any given moment the process can be continued, the movement can be started again. You travel as a spectator, you dream, you are part of a fairy tale.

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Nature and landscape

84 cm
86 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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