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The Shell Chair

A true eye-catcher in the world of designer furniture, the Shell Chair is known for its timeless elegance. This chair has stood the test of time and remains an iconic piece that is both aesthetic and functional. Let's dive into the world of the Carl Hansen & Søn CH07 Shell Chair and find out all about this iconic chair.

Style and Year of the Shell Chair

The Shell Chair, introduced in 1963, is a pioneering piece of furniture that perfectly embodied the modern style of the time. The design, conceived by renowned Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner, reflects his commitment to minimalist elegance and functionality. The chair is made of curved wooden veneers and rests on a solid steel frame. The striking silhouette of the Shell Chair is reminiscent of a shell, which explains the chair's name.

The Shell Chair's organic shapes and flowing lines create a timeless character that effortlessly adapts to different interior styles. Wegner's design harmoniously combines aesthetics with comfort, making the Shell Chair not only a work of art, but also a functional piece of furniture that invites you to relax in it.

Hans J. Wegner, designer of the Shell Chair

Hans J. Wegner, often referred to as 'the king of the chair', has an impressive portfolio of timeless furniture designs to his name. His approach to design was characterised by a perfect balance between form and function. The Shell Chair is no exception to this philosophy. Wegner's ability to combine traditional craft techniques with innovative materials resulted in a chair that is both visually appealing and excels in durability.

Carl Hansen & Søn, manufacturer of the Shell Chair

Production of the Shell Chair is attributed to Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Søn. This renowned company, founded in 1908, is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Carl Hansen & Søn has carefully crafted the Shell Chair according to Wegner's original design, focusing on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The use of high-quality wood and Carl Hansen & Søn's skilled craftsmen ensure that each Shell Chair is a unique masterpiece. The company has stood the test of time, just like the chair itself, and remains a major player in the world of designer furniture.

Buying a second-hand Shell Chair

With the continued appreciation of design classics, the search for second-hand Shell Chairs is gaining popularity. These chairs are considered vintage treasures that add character and history to any interior. Finding a second-hand Shell Chair is not only a chance to bring a piece of design history into your home, but also to embrace sustainability through reuse.

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The Shell Chair remains a timeless masterpiece that deserves its place in design history. Hans J. Wegner's visionary design, Carl Hansen & Søn's craftsmanship and the chair's evolution into a sought-after vintage item attest to its iconic status. Whether it is a newly produced Shell Chair that embraces modernity, or a carefully chosen second-hand specimen that breathes history, this chair remains a symbol of timeless elegance and functionality.

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