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The iconic Ligne Roset Togo

The Ligne Roset Togo is not just another piece of seating; it is a timeless icon in the world of designer furniture. With its striking, organic shapes and unrivalled comfort, the Togo has left a lasting impression since its introduction in 1973. This piece of furniture is a true design classic that has earned its place in the history of modern furniture.

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For lovers of exclusive designer furniture, buying a second-hand Ligne Roset Togo is often an attractive option. These sofas retain their value and remain sought-after even years after their original sale. Buying second-hand allows you to get an item cheaper in your home, and is also a more sustainable choice. In fact, by choosing a second-hand Ligne Roset Togo, you contribute to reducing the ecological impact of furniture production. The selection found on Whoppah is curated by Whoppah, so you can be assured of an authentic piece.

Michel Ducaroy Ligne Roset Togo

The genius mind behind the Ligne Roset Togo is French designer Michel Ducaroy. In the early 1970s, Ducaroy wanted to revolutionise the way people looked at furniture. The organic lines and use of high-quality materials reflect Ducaroy's commitment to timeless design. Michel Ducaroy's vision went beyond the physical appearance of the Togo. He wanted to design a piece of furniture that invited the user to relax and feel free. This is reflected in the Togo, as it exudes an informal elegance in keeping with the laid-back atmosphere of the 1970s.

Buying the Ligne Roset Togo on Whoppah

Buying a Ligne Roset Togo is an investment in both style and comfort. Available in a range of colours and upholsteries, the Togo can be adapted to any interior style. Whether it's a sleek, modern living room or a cosy reading nook, the Togo adapts effortlessly and remains an eye-catcher.

Togo's unique modular design offers flexibility in arrangements. From a single armchair to an elaborate modular sofa the Togo adapts to the user's needs.

Ligne Roset, manufacturer of the Togo

Behind the production of the Togo is French design house Ligne Roset. With a history dating back to 1860, Ligne Roset has built a reputation as a leading producer of high-quality designer furniture. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterise Ligne Roset ensure that each piece of the Togo meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Ligne Roset remains a pioneer in the world of design, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials and techniques. The result is a collection of furniture pieces, including the Togo, that is both timeless and contemporary.

The Ligne Roset Togo remains an icon in the world of designer furniture, with its unique design, comfortable aesthetics and modularity. Designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, the piece of furniture embodies the perfect balance between form and function, making it an enduring favourite in the world of design lovers.

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