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The iconic Bubble sofa

The Bubble sofa, an icon in the world of furniture design, is a contemporary masterpiece known for its unconventional design. The name "Bubble Sofa" is aptly chosen, given the distinctive bubble-like structure that defines it. With an elegantly curved backrest and soft, sumptuous cushions, this sofa offers an inviting place to relax. This unusual, almost futuristic look means that this unique sofa has the power to transform any space and leave a mark of modernity and style.

Buying a second-hand Bubble sofa

For those looking for an affordable way to bring this remarkable piece into your home, considering a second-hand Bubble sofa may be a smart choice. When looking for a second-hand Bubble sofa, it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of the item. On Whoppah, the items are curated by a skilled team, and this ensures that only the best items appear on Whoppah. When damage is mentioned, a photo of this damage will accompany the product. In addition, you can also opt for buyer protection on Whoppah, so you can always be sure of your purchase.

A second-hand Bubble Sofa is not only kinder to the wallet but is also definitely a more sustainable choice. By promoting reuse, you help reduce your carbon footprint and preserve unique designs like the Bubble Sofa.

Sacha Lakic, designer of the Bubble Sofa

The genius mind behind the Bubble Sofa is crucial to understanding the depth of this design. The mastermind behind this iconic sofa is renowned designer Sacha Lakic. With an impressive track record in the world of contemporary design, Lakic has created a masterpiece with the Bubble Sofa that pushes the boundaries of traditional furniture design.

Sacha Lakic is known for his ability to combine playful forms with functional aspects, and the Bubble Sofa is no exception. His design skills have earned him worldwide recognition and made the Bubble Sofa a timeless symbol of modern design.

Buying a Bubble Sofa

Buying a Bubble Sofa is an investment in style and comfort. Whether you buy new or prefer the charm of a second-hand find, this sofa adds instant character to any space. The purchase process is an experience, where you have the opportunity to choose from a range of colours, upholstery and sizes. Whether you go for a bold statement in bright red or subtle elegance in neutral beige, the Bubble Sofa effortlessly adapts to different tastes and interior styles.

Roche Bobois, manufacturer of the Bubble Sofa

The Bubble Sofa is produced by the innovative furniture company Roche Bobois. This French brand is known for its avant-garde designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Roche Bobois has a long history of collaborating with talented designers, including Hans Hopfer, which has led to the creation of striking pieces of furniture such as the Mah Jong sofa.

Choosing Roche Bobois as a manufacturer highlights its commitment to quality and design. The brand has established itself as a pioneer in the world of contemporary furniture and continues to evolve with new and bold creations.

The Bubble Sofa, designed by Sacha Lakic and produced by Roche Bobois, remains a true sensation in the world of furniture design. With its unique and futuristic look, the Bubble Sofa offers not only comfort but also an artistic statement for any space in which it is placed. Whether one is considering a second-hand purchase or looking for the latest models, the Bubble Sofa remains a timeless symbol of innovation and sophistication. It is not just a piece of furniture; it is a work of art that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire the imagination of design lovers around the world.

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