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Design chairs for every interior

From design icons to vintage pearls

Vintage stool, modern office chair or nice relax armchair? We have a wide range of second-hand design chairs, waiting for a new home. Scroll, click on your favorite and buy directly or contact the seller to come to a good deal together. Pick up your second-hand chair from the buyer, or choose our delivery service. Our Whoppah couriers are happy to bring the design chair to your home.

Design chairs for everyone

Are you a real design enthusiast? Then Whoppah is the right place for you. We are the market place for first-class design items. Here you will find second-hand designer chairs for fair prices. Design chairs are always checked for authenticity by our curators. This way you know that you have scored a real Eames, Cassina or Gispen .

Second-hand chairs for every occasion

Looking for beautiful stool, a nice footstool for the couch or a nice office chair? Under the chairs category you will find second-hand chairs for every corner of your interior. Do you still have chairs that deserve a new spot? Put them on Whoppah and make someone else happy with your second-hand chairs.

Did you know that Whoppah also has the largest collection of second-hand design sofas?

Buy armchair

An armchair belongs in every home! It offers comfort and coziness in the home in a stylish way. Whether you like reading, lazing around or just like hanging out in front of the TV, you simply won't get there without a designer armchair!

Design Chairs

Design chairs offer style as well as comfort. Put a design armchair in your living room and you have a real eye-catcher! The name of the chair says it all, designers spend a lot of time and energy designing your designer chair. Thanks to its unique shapes and beauty, it gives the room elegance. If your home offers space for this, this is definitely advice to follow! After all, your living room is the center of your home where comfort, cosiness and appearance matter. A designer chair offers all this.

Second hand Design Armchairs

The world of living, interior and furniture is quite subject to trends. Every year new collections are put on the market, but there is generally the same in the home or web store. Second-hand design armchairs cost you less money than brand new furniture and it is also better for the environment. Cheap does not always mean expensive. You can afford a second-hand piece of furniture that is well put together, while otherwise you should have left it behind because of the high new price.

Design armchairs

Designer armchairs are often very expensive, but if you buy them second-hand, you sometimes pay 75% less than the normal new price. Are you ready for a new interior design in your home and that one designer armchair no longer looks so good with the new decoration? Sell your second-hand design armchairs very easily via this website! If you're worried about whether you'll get enough money for it or are struggling to find the market for furniture, Whoppah is your helping hand. Offer your furniture via this website and sell it with ease. You don't have to worry about transporting it to another enthusiast who appreciates your furniture.

Armchairs Design Classics

You choose a piece of furniture because you like it and it is comfortable. Don't forget that certain models are still immensely popular even after a number of years and can bring in a good amount of money. An armchair design classic that is beautiful, sits well and is also a good investment, are for example;

  • Eames lounge chair -Barcelona chair
  • Vintage Wassily chair.

These are chairs that have been very popular for many years and remain timeless.

What is an Armchair?

The piece of furniture armchair owes its name to the French who coined the word 'fauteuil', which means armchair or easy chair. It is an upholstered chair that is easy to move, often with open armrests and loose cushions. The armchair is a one-seater piece of furniture that complements the other furniture such as the sofa. This nice lazy chair is often equipped with a spacious seat, high backrest and sufficient support for your arms, where there is often also the option to lie in it.

What is the Average Price of a Design Armchair?

If you are looking for a different design armchair, you will soon see various prices. This is of course confusing and confusing what is understandable. The price of a piece of furniture can emotionally determine the quality. A higher quality does not always mean that this is in proportion to the quality of the furniture. Design armchairs with an excellent price-quality ratio are what you should go for. A sustainable product with a long service life. The size, upholstery, age, design or options often determine the value, which can range from a few hundred euros to more than a thousand euros.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a designer armchair?

Before you pull out your wallet and go shopping, you first need to map out which furniture you need. Do you need a completely new furniture or just a new armchair? Start with the basic furniture and add to it later until you have a complete picture.

Map out your space, where the golden rule applies “to measure is to know, to guess is to miss”. By measuring your space, you know exactly what kind of furniture can be placed in the space. Once you find out what size furniture is needed, you can look further at the style. Do you opt for a classic, modern, Scandinavian, Italian or rural interior? Use social media or Pinterest to get inspired and see the whole picture in front of you.

Finally, the last and perhaps the most important part to find your next piece of furniture, the color determination. The color should match the existing colors or you should consider adapting the rest of the house to the furniture color. Don't want to make a wrong choice here? Then ask the furniture store for color samples or take a part of your existing interior with you to determine the right color for the furniture.