Moroso, born in Italy in 1952, is an Italian design powerhouse renowned for its distinctive furniture and upholstery. With a rich Italian heritage, Moroso specializes in crafting unique and innovative seating and lounge solutions, transforming interiors with unparalleled style. Moroso's standout feature lies in its unwavering commitment to collaborating with the world's most celebrated designers, resulting in pieces that blend artistry with functionality effortlessly. Enter the world of Moroso, where every creation is a testament to Italian design excellence and a celebration of innovation. Explore their diverse range of products that redefine the boundaries of contemporary design, inviting you to experience the intersection of creativity and comfort. Moroso invites you to embrace the extraordinary in design, bringing a touch of Italian elegance into your living spaces.
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Moroso is a leading Italian brand known for its innovative and artistic approach to furniture design. For decades, Moroso has enriched the world of interior design with unique and striking furniture pieces that explore the boundaries of creativity and craft. The brand has a deep-seated commitment to creating furniture that is not only functional, but also an expression of art and aesthetics.

Moroso Chairs and Armchairs

The collection of Moroso chairs and armchairs is a celebration of diversity in design. From bold modern designs to more classic and timeless pieces, Moroso has a wide range of seating options that can accommodate every taste and interior style.

The Moroso chair is an icon in its own right. Each model reflects the designer's unique vision and the brand's philosophy. With attention to detail and high-quality materials, Moroso chairs are not only comfortable to sit on, but also works of art that make a statement in any room in which they are placed.

The Moroso armchair is a masterpiece of comfort and style. It combines ergonomic design with inviting luxury, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day. Moroso armchairs range from sleek, contemporary designs to opulent creations, but they all share the same attention to craftsmanship and aesthetics that are the brand's trademark.

Moroso sofas

The Moroso sofa is a symbol of togetherness and comfortable living. The brand has a range of sofa designs that range from modular and versatile to sculptural and expressive. One notable example is the Moroso sofa, which takes the concept of a sofa to the next level. These sofas are not only functional as seats, but also as visually captivating elements in an interior. Each Moroso sofa is characterised by high-quality upholstery and attention to detail. The combination of comfortable cushions and striking shapes creates a harmonious ensemble that both makes a statement and invites you to relax. Moroso sofas are designed not only to fulfil people's practical needs, but also to enrich spaces with their presence.

Moroso Vintage

In addition to their contemporary collections, Moroso also has a particular focus on vintage furniture pieces. Moroso vintage pieces represent the history and evolution of the brand over the years. These pieces are not only heirlooms of design, but also cultural artefacts that reflect the influences and trends of their time.

Finding a Moroso vintage furniture piece is like discovering a treasure. Each piece carries a story with it and brings a sense of timelessness and authenticity to a modern interior. Whether it's a carefully restored Moroso chair, a classic Moroso sofa or another vintage find, these pieces embody the brand's heritage and remind us how design has evolved over the years.

Moroso is not just another furniture brand; it is a creative force that transforms design into art. With their rich history, attention to craftsmanship and passion for innovation, Moroso remains a trendsetter in the world of furniture design. Whether you are drawn to the unique Moroso chairs and armchairs, inspired by the comfortable and creative Moroso sofas, or looking for timeless beauty in Moroso vintage pieces, the brand remains a source of admiration and inspiration for lovers of high-quality interior design.