Ligne Roset

The history of the French brand dates back to the year 1860 when Ligne Roset was still making wooden rain screens, walking sticks, and rungs for chairs. Starting in the 1950s, furniture was added, and a few years later the design brand partnered with interior designer Michel Ducaroy. Ducaroy designed the design classic Togo in 1973 and since then Ligne Roset has been one of the top design brands in the furniture field.
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Ligne Roset

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About Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset, a brand known for seamlessly merging design and art in their furniture, offers a world of creative production and artistic expression. With a rich history, distinctive characteristics, and exceptional furniture pieces, including iconic sofas and armchairs, Ligne Roset is the ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their interiors with captivating and functional pieces. Discover why Ligne Roset is the perfect fit for those who appreciate the fusion of art and design in their living spaces.

The core value of Ligne Roset

By coupling its deep-rooted belief in design with investment and technical innovation, Ligne Roset has grown from a small company to a multinational corporation. The company has been family-run since its founding in 1860. Creativity is a core value of the Ligne Roset brand: when a new product calls for new materials or production methods, the company simply procures them. Chairs, furniture, lighting, textiles, carpets or bedding: the idea precedes and the technology follows. All furniture is made in Briord, in a large workshop where most operations are done by hand. Indeed, the manufacture of chairs or sofas requires demanding craftsmanship. Two tapestry workers train new apprentices. They learn the precise movements and the required dexterity. This one-year internal training appreciates the work and guarantees the quality of the products.

Iconic Sofas

Among Ligne Roset's extensive offerings, their sofas stand out as marvellous masterpieces. These iconic seating solutions celebrate innovative design, comfort, and captivating aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a contemporary style, Ligne Roset's sofas seamlessly blend modern elegance with distinctive forms and artistic expressions. Their unique silhouettes, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make them striking focal points in any living area.

Ligne Roset coffee tables

Ligne Roset is a renowned French furniture manufacturer that produces a range of stylish and contemporary furniture that Whoppah offers second-hand, including coffee tables. Ligne Roset coffee tables are known for their unique designs, high-quality materials and attention to detail. Ligne Roset's coffee tables collection includes several options to suit different interior styles and preferences.

One-of-a-kind item

Ligne Roset's armchairs are a living proof to the brand's commitment to harmonizing style and comfort in their furniture designs. These armchairs aren't just seats; they are artistic expressions of luxury and relaxation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a contemporary style, Ligne Roset's armchairs offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. Whether you're seeking a standout piece for your living room or a cozy nook to unwind in, Ligne Roset's armchairs provide a comfortable and stylish seating experience.

Decorating with Ligne Roset

Decorating with Ligne Roset's products allows you to infuse your living spaces with artistic expression and functionality. Whether it's their iconic sofas or distinctive armchairs, these pieces serve as captivating focal points, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere indoors. Incorporate Ligne Roset's sofas in your living room for a remarkable seating experience, or choose their unique armchairs to add a touch of luxury to your decor. Complement these striking items with additional decor elements like lighting, tables, and rugs to complete your decor with a dynamic blend of design and innovation. With Ligne Roset, you can transform your interiors into spaces that are both visually captivating and brilliantly functional.