Are you an art lover? Find beautiful sculptures on Whoppah!
Whoppah offers a wide range of pre-owned sculptures from renowned artists. You will find a great variety in different styles and materials. From classic bronze sculptures to modern steel sculptures. Have a look at our unique sculpture collection and let sculptures contribute to a three dimensional art experience to your interior. You can get your preowned sculpture delivered safely and insured to your home.
Most interior and design enthousiasts are adamant on finding great works of art for on their wall but completely forget the opportunity of spreading sculptures along the home for a three-dimensional, dynamic and layered look. Big pieces can be real eye-catcher statement pieces.
Mix and match!
Nowadays there are lot's of pre-owned sculptures available. An interesting mix of works, we find works the best. Combining traditional, figurative and modern sculptures in different formats, sizes, and colours are great for creating diversity. Maybe you've brought home special sculptures from your trips around the world? Give them a prominent place to give your interior a personal touch.
The big advantage of sculptures are that they are easy to move around, with the exception of big sculptures of course. In comparison to art on your walls which is definitely less easy to move around. You can place sculptures in bookshelves, on tables, in the kitchen or on your home office table and make sure to switch them around once in a while, making each space feel different each time you do. This makes sculptures ideal!
Sculptures are trending in many different materials such as metal, textile, plastic, marble, stone, or precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze. Glass has made a huge comeback in the past decade. This diversity results in a great variety of shapes and styles within modern sculpting.
More and more artists and their works are represented at Whoppah including Corneille, Giuseppe Dini, Jan Verschoor, René Rikkelman, Michel Anasse, Sergio Asti, and many others.
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