Philippe Halsman - Salvador Dali, 1942 image 1
Philippe Halsman - Salvador Dali, 1942
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Print made in 1994 by a former art printer - Archival model Imprimeur duotone print enhanced with gloss varnish This unpublished print was found in the depths of an assembly workshop in the filing cabinets of a former art printing house, preciously stored flat and protected from light in an envelope. Although it is old with its 29 years, it has been kept in a good state of conservation. The print is in perfect condition and with a remarkable shine. This copy was kept by the printer to serve as a reference for typesetting and coloring on the machine during reprints and is therefore unique (1/1) Print size: 20cm x 28cm If there are mythical moments in Halsman's work, this is one, the man with the most famous mustaches in history posing Salvador Dali in 1942, in the photographer's studio. He believes that in Dali's mustaches he sees the symbol of the artist's imagination. The two creative friends have the idea to turn it into a series. For more than ten years, the painter has lent himself to the camera on numerous occasions, in different poses, a series that culminates in 1954 with the publication of a book entitled "Dali's Mustache". He photographs his models from the side, in full swing, from the front, in profile, from behind, from above, from below, he uses all possibilities with a modern look and hardly touches on the principles of composition of space that have been used until now. is in effect. He even goes so far as to greet the distortions of perspective and the defects of light, coincidence, the unreflected, the detail of nature and life as new. He prefers the edges to enclose his portraits tightly, and if necessary, simply leave them out of the frame for certain parts of the portrait he deems less important. “Planted like two sentinels, my mustaches defend the entrance to my person. "Salvador Dali

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