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The Vitra Panton Chair: A sensational and sculptural chair

The Vitra Panton is a famous sculptural 'monobloc' chair designed by designer Verner Panton. The Danish designer was known for his innovative and experimental designs. In the late 1950s, he first designed a furniture based on a single piece of cantilevered plastic: the Panton. Initially, the chair was not yet sturdy enough to sit on and several furniture manufacturers turned down offers to produce the Panton. Fortunately, Rolf Fehlbaum of Vitra did see potential.

A search for materials of the Vitra Panton chair

In 1967, the Vitra Panton went into production. For years, people searched and experimented with the ideal material. The original design used cold-pressed, fibreglass-reinforced polyester. Yet the material proved not strong enough and the chair was temporarily withdrawn from production. In the 1990s, Vitra revived the Panton with a design based on polypropylene. This lightweight material is extremely strong and pliable. It turned out to be the perfect basis for the Panton as we still like to see it.

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Did you know that...

Until 1975 time, the Panton was also produced by the American furniture company Herman Miller? As a result, you will also come across Pantons from the United States on Whoppah. You can recognise these variants by the Herman Miller logo.

Second-hand Vitra Panton chair

The Panton Chair, which has been around since 1967, has been used and praised by many people over the years. That's why you can find it in second-hand shops, in markets, auctions, on websites like Marktplaats, eBay and many other places. Whoppah has taken advantage of this and offers a wide range of high-quality second-hand furniture at very reasonable prices. Why pay full price when you can also buy this good quality furniture at a fraction of the price of new.

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Pop-art design icon

So although it took quite a long time for Vitra to find the optimal production process for the Panton, the chair is world-famous. Indeed, the Panton quickly became a figurehead for 1960s pop-art design. Several magazines used the Panton in their editorials and the chair even graced the cover of Vogue (featuring a naked Kate Moss). Because of this iconic status, the MoMa in New York included a copy of the Panton in its collection. So with a Vitra Panton, you bring a museum-worthy piece of commotion into your home!

Vitra Panton Chair (new height)

The Vitra Panton Chair, which has been around since 1967, was such a great success that the chair was further developed into the Panton Chair Classic in 1999. The chair received a new seat height and is offered in a new colour collection that offers something for everyone. The chair is easy to clean thanks to its soft-touch mat. Simple and unobtrusive or striking and expressive, anything is possible with this chair.

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