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Xooon, 3-seater and 2.5-seater sofasXooon, 3-seater and 2.5-seater sofas
Xooon, 3-seater and 2.5-seater sofasBuy now for €1,456 -9%
Xoon dining tableXoon dining table
Xoon dining tableBid from €500
1 x Oviedo swivel armchair1 x Oviedo swivel armchair
1 x Oviedo swivel armchairBuy now for €550 -45%
2x Xooon Jasmin chairs2x Xooon Jasmin chairs
2x Xooon Jasmin chairsBid from €193
2x Xooon chairs2x Xooon chairs
2x Xooon chairsBuy now for €350 -22%
Xooon love seatXooon love seat
Xooon love seatBuy now for €375 -16%
Xooon 2.5 seater sofaXooon 2.5 seater sofa
Xooon 2.5 seater sofaBuy now for €350
Xooon TV cabinetXooon TV cabinetSold
Xooon TV cabinetSold for €215