Lithograph by Theo Blankenstijn

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Lithograph by Theo Blankenstijn


Beautiful Lithograph by Th. whiteestijn 1981 size 20x15cm with passe-partout 40x50 cm 2 light spots Theo Blankenstijn (1938) started watercolor painting in 1955 and had an early predilection for water and landscape. He received his education in Haarlem and at the free academy in The Hague. In the 1970s he traveled extensively through France and studied the Impressionists to whom he was attracted. Atmosphere and intimacy are the main ingredients that are part of his work. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Theo Blankenstijn makes watercolors and oil paintings. From his studio he overlooks the vast polder landscape. Light compositions with the ever-changing elements of land, air and water are the result But not only the Dutch country can charm him. The English and Norman coasts or the southern French nature reserve can be found in Theo's work. With bright colors and firm, dynamic strokes, he gives an impression of the piece of nature he has observed. The versatile painter gains impressions in the Hortus, in parks or in places where flowers bloom luxuriantly. His flower still lifes balance on the edge of abstraction. Zooming in on details blurs the contours and creates a play of merging colors on the soft watercolor paper

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Abstract, Modern


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20 cm
15 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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