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Jean Michel Basquiat poster

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Amstelveen, Netherlands
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do you like it…… Now I post on auction Jean Michel Basquiat, Pez Dispenser, 1984, licensed by Artestar, New York. Warm welcome on my other really amazing posters auctions Met vriendelijke groet Kind regards Patrick Basquiat chellenged the notions of fine art by including popular imagery in his paintings, such as this cartoon drawing of a dinosaur adorned with his trademark symbol, a crown. The title, 'Pez Dispenser', also refers to the Austrian confectionary company Pez whose sweet dispensers were shaped like famous characters from popular culture. By including recognisable imagery and referencing the candy giant Pez, Basquiat draws attention to the significance of consumer culture in 1980s America.

ConditionVery goodColorsYellow, Taupe, BlackMaterialPaperNumber of items1ArtistsBasquiatHeight36 cmWidth28 cm

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