Engelien Kooy - When you come home

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Engelien Kooy - When you come home


image size 80 x 80 frame size 97 x 97 list Yes technique Acrylic on canvas list type 6639 orientation square size medium After completing the Vogue Fashion Academy, Kooij immediately registered for an advertising drawing course. It soon became clear to her that that was where her great love lay. She first established herself as an independent illustrator with, among other things, many portrait assignments, after which she made a dazzling return as a free artist after a few years of “dedicated motherhood”. From an inexhaustible source of life experience and humor she works daily in her studio in Amsterdam. The sensuality of the chubby woman The theme usually involves busty women, often accompanied by cats and domestic decors. The cat, often the symbol of conviviality, is mainly present in her work as the confidant of the woman: “The cat always knows more!” The composition is often arranged in such a way that it seems as if the canvas is too small. The scene bursts out of its spatial limitation, as it were. This creates a tension that is completely in harmony with the work. The generous use of materials is also constantly in balance with the representation and the beautiful use of colour. Form and content thus present themselves hand in hand to the viewer. “Rendez-vous” Yet her fashion background still regularly shows up in Kooij's work in the form of beautiful designs on curtains, rugs and dresses. However, these visual elements are not an end in themselves, but serve to support the woman who is always central. And if the fantasy is not yet stimulated enough, let yourself be carried away by the French titles such as: "Reflections", "J'attends", "La Paix" and "L'Adieu". In addition to paintings, there are also serigraphs in circulation by Engelien Kooij.

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97 cm
97 cm


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