Clemens Briels - La Bola Pedida Del Canon screenprint

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Clemens Briels - La Bola Pedida Del Canon screenprint


image size 57 x 69 frame size 80.5 x 93 list Yes technique screen printing list type 85 SZI orientation portrait size medium Color is the tool, the story is its message. Not that Briels is making the commitment. On the contrary, he transforms the daily carefree events into imaginative, previously unseen symbolic figures. With penetrating, bright colours. And flouting academic laws of perspective. Paper and cardboard applied to the linen give it the desired depth. Sometimes it looks as if it has been sanded and filled. It applies color over color without completely covering the underlying layers. This results in a patina effect. He creates his work from antipodism. With this philosophy of contrasts, which he developed himself, Briels converts ordinary daily events into a daringly different but pleasantly accessible visual language. The result is a colorful work with a clearly visible Latin American influence. Traditional Central and South American music is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. The Cuban son, mambo, merengue and the souk topped with a slightly erotic sauce are musical notes that force him to create intriguing paintings. He has proven his success with this approach given the worldwide appreciation and respect he has earned. Which is not surprising, because his translations of everyday moments are universal and therefore recognizable everywhere. He does not limit himself to painting on linen and creating three-dimensional objects. For example, he designed dining room chairs, De Antipodes and the Kleios for Leolux. Fifty Ford Kas were upholstered in his fabric design. He also made sculptures, glassware and carpets. Clemens Briels, official artist of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games. Music and arts festivals are traditionally organized parallel to each Olympic event. After all, sport, art and music are the binding factors between all peoples. Briels was the first Dutch artist to have the honor of being selected by the American Olympic Committee. His work was featured on the official Olympic poster of the 2002 Winter Games.


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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