Alexander Vogels - Les Gardiens du Temple silkscreen

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Alexander Vogels - Les Gardiens du Temple silkscreen


image size 58 x 77 frame size 81 x 103 list Yes technique screen printing list type 85 SZI orientation portrait size medium It may be interesting to know that Alexander Vogels (*1952 Heerlen) spent his childhood in Australia, that he traveled through the North African Tassili Mountains and visited various Indian reservations, that he is interested in primitive cultures: but importantly, that he is an exceptionally gifted artist. His inspirations shape his work, but his way of painting makes him so fascinating. The materialization of the intangible, the treatment of the paint, the adventurous battle with color with which he effortlessly evokes original and positive feelings. Alexander Vogels is a lyrical-abstract painter pur sang. Once inhaling to an almost dizzying abstraction, then blowing out powerfully with expressionistic force around a spontaneously created figuration. For Alexander, however, figuration is not a goal but merely a support for the color composition. Frequently recurring elements such as ladder, mask and vehicle do not form symbols, but playful building blocks that give hold to the abstract play of colours. Every artist has a father and a mother: according to Alexander, for him these were Kandinsky and especially Ger Lataster, two great painters. Confronted with that statement, Lataster responded: "But he solved it in his own way". With which the master aptly expressed the universal problem of the artist with the word "it". Now, after countless exhibitions and trade fair presentations from Mallorca to Stockholm, from Vienna and Frankfurt to Salamanca and Paris, and with his work in important art collections, it is finally the turn of Maastricht, the capital of Limburg. Alexander learned to paint at, then still, the City Academy with Gilbert de Bontridder and Peter Wehrens. His work is grounded in this ground, where Alexander once started his artistic journey of discovery. Through his canvases (often in large format) he gives us an intensive report of his spiritual journey into the essence of painting.

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