2x De Puydt Brutalist oak chairs image 1

2x De Puydt Brutalist oak chairs

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Goor, Netherlands
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**The add has been changed to 2 instead of 4 chairs** Brutalist design has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and the De Puydt oak chairs for Kunstmeubelen from the 1970s are a prime example of this iconic style. With their raw, unapologetic aesthetic, these chairs embody the principles of Brutalism while showcasing the natural beauty of oak. Crafted by Belgian furniture maker De Puydt, these chairs were designed to make a bold statement in any interior. The unadorned, angular forms are both striking and functional, providing a comfortable place to sit while adding a touch of drama to the room. The oak used to create these chairs is of the highest quality, with a rich, warm tone and distinctive grain patterns that make each piece unique. The raw, unfinished texture of the wood adds to the Brutalist feel of the design, creating a sense of raw, unrefined power that is both compelling and evocative. Whether you are a collector of Brutalist design, a lover of oak furniture, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of bold, uncompromising design, the De Puydt oak chairs for Kunstmeubelen are sure to capture your attention. These chairs represent the very best of Brutalism, embodying the spirit of a movement that changed the course of design history.wear constant with age

ConditionGoodColorsBrownMaterialWoodNumber of items2StyleBrutalist,VintageSubjectInteriorHeight112 cmWidth43 cmDepth65 cm