Looking for a preowned armchair? You will certainly find it here!
So many designer armchairs have been made that it is sometimes difficult to choose which one to buy. A good chair is not only comfortable, but also a statement piece and can serve as an "art object" in the home. We believe that a perfect armchair has the ideal balance between comfort and design and makes no concessions whatsoever.
You can of course always opt for a well-known design classic such as a second-hand Eames lounge chair, the Barcelona chair or the vintage Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer. These iconic chairs have been immensely popular for decades and never run out of style!
But your ideal second-hand armchair doesn't have to be a design classic. You can of course also opt for a lesser-known design armchair and go for a vintage Scandinavian copy of good quality leather. You will be surprised by the lesser known preowned treasures on Whoppah.
These are the most iconic designer armchairs
At Whoppah you will find a wide range of very comfortable pre-owned chairs and armchairs. From the real design classics to unique vintage finds. Are you still orienting? Then let us inspire you with these 3 iconic armchairs from the last century that served as inspiration for well-known and lesser-known design armchairs.
1. Arne Jacobsen designed this chair in 1958 with the aim: a little privacy in public. We certainly appreciate this concept more each day. What a visionary. The Egg chair or armchair comes from Copenhagen and was specially designed for use in the hotel Radisson SAS, but thanks to its iconic, striking shape, the chair stood out and reached the hearts of the large design-loving public. View the pre-owned Egg chairs at Whoppah here.
2. An old design icon has to be Marcel Breuer's Wassily chair. Designed in 1925-1926. The chair is actually called the Model B3 chair. The Wassily name didn't come until years later when the chair was reproduced. The design is inspired by the bicycle! Yes, Breuer experimented with bent tube steel from bicycles and this was the result: a beautiful iconic armchair that has been on many wish lists for almost a century. Check out the pre-owned Wassily chair here on Whoppah.
3. In the 1960s, Cesare (Joe) Colombo, ahead of his time, designed bold and daring objects that displayed a strong optimistic vision. One of these was the Elda armchair (1963), named after his wife. This chair can also be found in the Louvre, the Museum of Modern Arts in New York and in a number of James Bond films. A very comfortable chair that is also iconic in design. The shell of the seat is curved so that the seat forms an enormous cocoon and can rotate 360°. View the preowned Joe Colombo armchairs here.
Sell your design armchair
Do you want to sell your design armchair? We also welcome classic and vintage design chairs. From red fabric chairs to black leather. Quality always comes first. Simply create an ad and start selling. When creating the ad, choose the Whoppah courier and we will pick up your used chair and bring it to the buyer. It's that easy.