Buy black sideboards? Design and vintage black sideboards

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Art Deco sideboardArt Deco sideboard
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DeWe sideboardDeWe sideboard
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Lothar Wegner sideboardLothar Wegner sideboard
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vintage lowboardvintage lowboard
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Omann Jun sideboardOmann Jun sideboard
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Vintage high boardVintage high board
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Scandinavian sideboardScandinavian sideboard
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vintage sideboardvintage sideboard
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Vintage sideboardVintage sideboard
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Vintage wall cabinetVintage wall cabinet
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Vintage sideboardVintage sideboard
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Sideboard cabinet in black

Sideboard black in industrial style

Black is back! Furniture that is soothing and radiates warmth. Combine it with some colorful accessories and create a completely different look. When you are looking for a sideboard, there are many factors to consider. You need to determine the size and shape of the sideboard. You also have to consider what kind of look the furniture should have, for example modern or traditional. A sideboard is a piece of furniture that is usually used as an accent in the dining room or living room. Ideal for storing dishes and utensils, but also as a center of entertainment or buffet table. Use them to display your most beautiful porcelain and other table pieces such as vases and candlesticks. Put the sideboard in the bedroom for storing clothes or in the storage room or garage for storing clothes or accessories. The sideboard is an important piece of furniture in every home.

Sideboard cabinet in black

The black sideboard cabinet is made for people who want their furniture to be more than just a place to put things. It is designed with an elegant finish that will suit any style of living. The black sideboard cabinet is one of the more popular pieces of furniture used in a dining room. Give your plates, crockery, children's toys or games collection a suitable place so that the house remains tidy and tidy. In addition, it can of course also serve as an attractive piece of furniture for the home.

Sideboard black wood

The black wood sideboard is an example of a sideboard stained with black paint. Black is stylish and stands out, especially in combination with light colors on the wall or light-colored shades on the floor. For example, the black wood sideboard fits perfectly in an industrially designed home, which creates a tough appearance.

Sideboard black industrial

Black industrial sideboard is there for the functional interior without too much fuss. It reminds you of factory halls and such environments. You combine it with robust and sturdy accents such as metal, stone or solid wood.

Sideboard black metal

As the name already mentions, a black metal sideboard is the real industrial eye-catcher in your home. The metal has a tough and sleek look when it is powder coated. Metal has the advantages that it has a large load-bearing capacity, requires little maintenance, is robust. Metal is an easy-to-clean material, durable and timeless and of course easy to process. The disadvantage of a black metal sideboard, on the other hand, is that it can be heavy.

What does a black dresser cost on average?

The price of a black sideboard can vary depending on the size and material it is made of. The average price for a small black sideboard is around 200 to 300 euros. You will soon pay double for a larger copy. If you go for a unique piece of sideboard, it can cost a lot.

How wide is a sideboard usually?

The width of the sideboard depends on which type you choose. The average is between 120 centimeters and 180 centimeters. Therefore, always take into account the environment and where exactly you place the sideboard in the house.