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The Brand Jori - 70% cheaper at Whoppah

Buy the jori brand

Making a home in your own home is what selecting your furniture is all about. If you like design and comfort, go for the Jori brand. A furniture brand that knows how to make timeless quality furniture in beautiful Belgium, where craftsmanship is paramount! The Jori brand can provide your home with sofas, beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, armchairs, rugs, furniture for the bathroom, upholstery and many more fun accessories.

The Jori brand

Jori has been around since 1963 and has positioned itself like no other on the furniture market as a true furniture specialist. The founder of the company Juan Jorion is still the driving force behind this beautiful company that knows how to make excellent furniture, which enhances everyone's living experience. Thanks to the latest techniques, they are able to create the perfect design that does not compromise on seating comfort.

Second hand Jori furniture

Jori is also an excellent choice for those who prefer second-hand to keep their budget low. Whoppah ensures that you can save up to 70% cheaper than buying a new product from a new brand. Do not think that it is no longer sufficient or comfortable. Buying second-hand furniture can also perfectly meet your requirements and living wishes.

Jori seats

Having seats is not only a necessity and practical, but it also creates atmosphere and a stylish whole in your rooms. By selecting the right Jori seats at Whoppah you give your dining room or living room a new life. There is plenty of choice in various styles, shapes, sizes and colours. With Jori 's seats, dining afterwards is guaranteed to be a party!

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Jori piece of furniture?

To find the right furniture from Jori , we have listed a number of tips for you to help you create your ideal interior. The primary rule to follow to choose a piece of furniture that suits your style and interior. Do not forget to measure your available space in the house to find out whether the furniture will actually fit in the room in terms of size. Go for a robust finish if you like the industrial living style. Want to go modern? Then try out a velvet chair. If the rural style appeals to you more, fabric furniture is an excellent choice. Do you go for a chair with armrests or without, with wheels or footrest. The possibilities are endless.

What does a Jori piece of furniture cost?

Jori 's furniture is available in various shapes and sizes, colours, styles and price ranges. You can already get a single seat for a hundred euros. If you go for a somewhat larger piece of furniture such as a sofa or corner sofa, it will soon cost 500 euros or more. The options that the piece of furniture offers, such as an extra support, bench, handrail or electrical control, often determine the cost of a Jori piece of furniture. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your budget and will enrich your living experience.