This how bidding works


Place your bid or purchase direct

Simply place a bid via the product page or in the chat with the seller.

Once the bid has been placed, we will notify the seller.

You can always find your bid in the chat with the seller.

In some cases it is not possible to place a bid, then the seller has chosen to sell only for the Buy Now price.


48 hours valid

A bid is valid for 48 hours. That means the seller has 48 hours to respond and accept the offer or make a counter offer. If the offer is accepted, there is a deal.

If the offer has expired, both the buyer and seller can always make a new offer via the chat. This is again valid for 48 hours.


Counter bid

If the seller receives an offer, he can always make a counter offer to the buyer. The buyer will be notified. The buyer can accept the counter-offer or make another counter-offer. We make it easy to negotiate via chat.

Always enter the counter offer in the appropriate input field!


Deal is deal

On Whoppah a deal is deal. If an offer is accepted, there is a deal and the buyer must make the payment. The payment button appears in the chat and the buyer can pay easily and securely via Whoppah!

We are here for you

Selling and buying on Whoppah is safe, easy and fun. Read everything about it in our F.A.Q. Do you have any questions? Our Whoppah Support team will be happy to help you.

Whoppah Support