Gerard van den Berg

Discover Gerard van den Berg, a Dutch legend in the world of luxurious second-hand furniture. Founded in the Netherlands in 1974, Gerard van den Berg carries a rich heritage of design excellence. Their carefully curated collection spotlights iconic lounge chairs and meticulously crafted sofas, embodying the brand's commitment to both comfort and style. What truly sets Gerard van den Berg apart is their emphasis on ergonomic design, ensuring that every piece not only looks stunning but also offers unparalleled comfort and support. With over four decades of design expertise, Gerard van den Berg continues to redefine interiors with its Dutch innovation and a unique focus on the art of sitting. Immerse yourself in the world of Gerard van den Berg today and experience the Dutch touch that elevates your relaxation to the next level.
Gerard van den Berg

Gerard van den Berg

Buy second-hand Gerard van den Berg furniture

The Gerard van den Berg brand is known for its unique and timeless furniture pieces. With more than three decades of experience in the furniture industry, this Dutch brand has gained a prominent place in the world of interior design.

The beginnings of Gerard van den Berg

Gerard van den Berg began his career as a furniture maker in the 1980s and soon founded his own company. He had a vision to create furniture that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and durable. His craftsmanship and attention to detail were soon recognized, allowing him to become a renowned name in the industry.

A wide assortment

Gerard van den Berg's assortment includes various types of furniture, ranging from sofas and armchairs to dining tables and side tables. Each piece is handcrafted and exudes craftsmanship. The brand uses high-quality materials such as leather and solid wood, making the furniture not only beautiful to look at, but also long-lasting. Whether you are looking for an elegant sofa to enhance your living room or a comfortable armchair for relaxing after a long day, Gerard van den Berg has something for everyone. The timeless designs fit effortlessly into a variety of interior styles, from modern to classic.

Gerard van den Berg at Whoppah

If you're looking for authentic Gerard van den Berg furniture, look no further than Whoppah. We offer a wide range of pre-owned designer furniture, including iconic pieces by Gerard van den Berg. Buying used furniture has many advantages. Not only is it often more economical than buying new furniture, but it also contributes to sustainability and reducing waste. At Whoppah, you can be sure that the Gerard van den Berg furniture offered is in good condition and will provide many years of enjoyment.

Iconic Designs

One of Gerard van den Berg's most famous designs is the iconic "Slice" armchair. This timeless piece of furniture is known for its comfortable seating and minimalist design. The clean lines and use of high-quality leather make this armchair a showpiece in any room. Another striking design is the "Tongue" sofa. This unique sofa has an organic shape inspired by the natural curves of a tongue. The soft leather and ergonomic design provide ultimate seating comfort.

In addition to these iconic designs, Gerard van den Berg also offers other beautiful pieces of furniture, such as the elegant "Champ" dining table and the versatile "Lounge" side table.

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Gerard van den Berg is a renowned brand known for its high-quality and timeless furniture. With an eye for craftsmanship and aesthetics, the brand creates unique designs that fit a variety of interior styles. Whether you're looking for a comfortable armchair or an elegant dining table, Gerard van den Berg has everything you need to stylishly furnish your home.