Sarah Michael fish tail ceramics

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Sarah Michael fish tail ceramics


Leuke staart van een vis. Keramiek. Ongeveer 65 cm hoog en 25 cm breed aan de onderkant. Sarah Michael was born in Nottinghamshire in England. After school she did an Art Foundation course in Nottingham Polytechnic choosing then to branch off into textile design. The course she followed then was at Liverpool Polytechnic mainly because they were specifically asking for students who liked fluorescent pink and, if nothing else, it gave her a good base of pure Liverpudlian humor! She then took off on a year journey through Asia and Australia, working there in different jobs from designing restaurant uniforms to packing cake mixes! In Indonesia she met her husband-to-be, who happened to be Dutch and is the reason why she now lives and works in Holland. After realizing that becoming a fashion/ textile designer was no longer her goal in life, she by chance, whilst doing a pottery course taught by the famous Dutch potter Wim Borst, discovered that potting was the medium she was looking for. She found throwing pots meditative, challenging and exciting. In order to master the throwing skill she worked as a production thrower in a pottery in Leiden for 4 years. Following that extremely repetitive, but learning experience she then started working for herself, determined to make everything as different as possible. It took many years of experimenting with different ideas and techniques before she found the image she was looking for. Throwing is still a passion in that all her sculptures are built up of many thrown pieces, cut into and assembled to create a three dimensional canvas on which to cover in a spectrum of colors. If fluorescent pink would exist in ceramic body stains you can count your bottom dollar that Sarah would use it! The women sculptures that Sarah produces are stereotyped images of modern-day girls. They are trendy, hip, sexy and naughty and often caught in uncompromising situations, like indulging in a whole box of chocolates and often wearing the wrong shoes! Sarah gets a lot of inspiration from just looking around her and, of course, at herself. They were made with humor in mind, but also with the necessary thought provoking undertones. She likes to use her art to portray her feelings and oppinions on current affairs, but then with a lighthearted approach, encouraging the viewer to think but with a smile on their face! Enjoy;-)

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