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Poltrona Frau Twice bank


Poltrona Frau Twice sofa with matching original ottoman. The dimensions of the sofa are 197x83xh77. The dimensions of the ottoman are 78 x 78 cm Designer Pierluigi Cerri. Poltrona Frau is a famous Italian furniture maker based in Turin. The brand is best known for designing design furniture that is both modern and timeless. In addition, Poltrona Frau is widely acclaimed for the phenomenal quality of the leather used in their products. The leather is of such a high quality that car brands such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati and Alfa Romeo use Poltrona Frau leather in their interiors. The sofa is in very good condition. Leather is top quality. The chrome details are beautiful. The sofa is comfortable with well-filled cushions. The sofa has wheels at the front. Due to the beautiful finish, the sofa can also be placed freely in the room. New value bank €9964,- New value hocker €1980,- Now for €2950,- for a combination sofa with ottoman.

Brand / designer:Poltrona Frau

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197 cm

ConditionVery good

In very good condition with minimal traces of use

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