Peter Maasdam abstract

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Peter Maasdam abstract


image size 100 x 100 frame size 100 x 100 list No technique Acrylic on canvas orientation square size medium Peter Maasdam was born in Amsterdam in 1962. The passion for art is expressed in many ways at Peter Maasdam, but is really given direction as a student of artist Peter Schenk. Maasdam works after a nude model, usually on paper. The positions that his model takes are short. In this way the energy in the work is preserved. The resulting works can be used as a final product, but often these studies on canvas are further processed into a larger whole. Both in his abstract and figurative work, Peter Maasdam uses various collage techniques. He creates divisions on the canvas with handmade Nepal paper. With brush, hand, brush, large putty knives and sometimes directly from the tube, the artist then works with passion towards the end result. The direct transfer of energy is always central, Maasdam does not make art but lets it arise! Characteristic of Maasdam's art is that the work "breathes". As a viewer you have the feeling that you can walk through the painting, leaving room for your own interpretation. This applies to his abstract work as well as to the more figurative pieces. The energy of Peter Maasdam is always unmistakably present in his work. Maasdam: “My best work is a fusion of strength and sensitivity.”

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