Pastoe Ruster Armchair 'Crosshair' Yngve Ekstrom

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Pastoe Ruster Armchair 'Crosshair' Yngve Ekstrom


Very beautiful off-white armchair, designed by Yngve Ekstrom. Pastoe imported these chairs to the Netherlands. Beautiful and very comfortable Ruster armchair designed by the Swedish top designer Yngve Ekstrom for the company Swedese and sold in the Netherlands by the well-known company Pastoe. This concerns the model with the low backrest, the so-called ladies model. The original design of the Ruster armchair was part of the Mingo series and designed for the company Swedese in Sweden. The model was also included in the Pastoe catalogs from the 1960s under the model name FT08 as a series of very modern Scandinavian furniture. It has been restored to a better than new condition, using the finest materials and the best craftsmen, the new upholstery has just been applied so tightly, if not even more beautiful than the original. The entire filling has also been replaced by the best foam in the right amount, so that the original looks have been preserved, but the chair has a contemporary seating comfort. The following fabric has been used: The fabric is Keymer Discover color number 25.Discover is a mixed fabric, which gives the furniture a sturdy and contemporary look. The fabric has dirt and stain resistant properties so that most dirt can be removed with a microfibre cloth and water. Fabric: Discover, color 90 Height: 72.5 cm Seat height: 40 cm Width: 68 cm Seat width: 54 cm Depth: 73 cm Seat depth: 50 cm

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68 cm
72 cm
73 cm
Seat height
40 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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