Micky Hoogendijk, Ode To Damien

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Micky Hoogendijk, Ode To Damien


Ode to Damien, at Micky Hoogendijk, lambda high gloss, 3mm plexiglass in 4mm Dibond, with hanging system. “The last gift I received from my mother who passed away in 2009 was a camera. It was this gesture that changed my life. My mother's photo camera became a catalyst, a guiding principle in my existence. The starting point of my work is the encounter, the dream, the object. On the set I look for the instinct, the personality of my model," says Micky Hoogendijk. Hoogendijk feels at ease both behind and in front of the camera. She performed modeling work, for example for Dutch couturiers such as Mart Visser, and she worked as a television and film actress. She regularly appears in talk shows and public events. Referring to religion, mythology, masquerade and gender neutrality, she takes a position within the range of autonomous photography. Contrary to the Puritan zeitgeist, recurring in some parts of the Western world, she investigates the meaning of the nude in photography. She meticulously directs her models to a relaxation in which they want to put off their shame boldly. That condition determines the gaze that the character focuses on the viewer. The making process then continues by means of digital painting techniques. The traditional interventions she makes in the digital medium bring her close to early memories. “As an only child, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. I was often doing crafts, drawing and painting in the living room, close to my mother”, says Hoogendijk, “I can't remember ever being bored. Perhaps that was when the foundation was laid for the concentration that I now find every day to work non-stop for hours on the digital elaboration of my photos. It is a cheerful process of endless experimentation, so also a lot of learning”.

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Micky Hoogendijk


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