J.van Diemen American football

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J.van Diemen American football


Acrylic on paper 70 x 80 J.van Diemen hand signed. No. 16 of 32. Screenprinting Henk van der Vet Born in Amsterdam 1954, studied MO-B Drawing from 1973 to 1978, also in Amsterdam, from 1970 living in Amstelveen. His love for the subject of sport developed during his studies. Working on canvases and paper, he manages – usually in very large formats – to capture the dynamics and lyricism of the (top) sport(er) in series of oil paints, gouaches and serigraphs. Due to his abstract expressionist way of working, not only the performance of the athlete receives full attention, but also the atmosphere and the (landscape) environment of the sport chosen as the subject. A bright, no-holds-barred color scheme is combined by Jan van Diemen with energetic lines. Due to his predilection for drawing-like elements, he is able to greatly increase the intensity of the action or sporting event. While the work unmistakably connects stylistically with the expressionism of Kees van Bohemen, Pieter Defesche and Karel Appel, among others, but also has influences from, for example, Willem de Kooning, Jan van Diemen has managed to find a unique place within the past three decades thanks to his outspoken visual language. to acquire contemporary visual art. For exhibitions see: www.janvandiemen.nl

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