Judith van der Meer | painting of two cranes

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Judith van der Meer | painting of two cranes


Original and unique painting by Judith van der Meer (1972) who is known for her murals. Especially of nature images, of animals and plants. It becomes clear that a professional woman has been at work with this painting when you take in the work and the details. It is in superb condition. The canvas is mounted in a wooden, high-gloss black frame. The frame is completely tailor-made for this work; along the inner edge runs a red trim on all sides that perfectly matches the red color in the painting. No one will miss this work of art in your home! Cloth dimensions: 100 cm x 70 cm Year: 2007 Signed by hand, including on the back on the wooden frame See pictures. You can find this painting on the artist's website: http://www.judithmuurschilderingen.nl/grote-openbare-projecten Viewing by appointment is possible. Delivery: pick up or Whoppah Courier Judith van der Meer mainly makes murals, in offices, (semi-)public buildings and at private homes. In addition, she is asked at home and abroad to paint sets in animal parks, amusement parks, museums, holiday parks and catering. She gained national fame for her murals in outdoor spaces, in tunnels, on retaining walls and walls.

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