Hulsta TV cabinet Tameta

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Hulsta TV cabinet Tameta


Beautiful audio furniture with space for a TV, xbox and/or amplifier. This cabinet in white lacquer stands on 2 plateaus of 250 and 50 cm respectively, which have been sprayed in anthracite gray satin lacquer (Ral 7016). The cabinet itself has a symmetrical structure and is 2 meters wide. A cabinet door of 1 m wide slides in front of it, with which you hide the audio. Behind the shelf where the TV stands, space is left free for wiring to the cupboard space below. The cabinet is placed in the middle of the plateau, leaving approximately 50 cm of space on both sides to set up a plant, lamp or other object. It is 65 cm deep. A TV of 98 cm wide can be placed in the TV element. With the door closed, it is also a beautiful piece of jewelry in your living room. There are 2 light strips with tip-tronic switch. The built-in lighting (no LED) can be turned on and off with this. It has hardly been used and still works fine. Under the open element is a deep drawer that fits more than 55 CDs or other things you want to store. A beautiful timeless cabinet from a super solid German brand. There are some signs of wear on the shelves and the door, but this is small and after 17 years it still looks fine. New price in 2005: EUR 3600. Update: still available for about 1 week and then it will go into storage. Cabinet will be dismantled soon. Heavy material, so cannot be moved in one piece. Manual available online.

Brand / designer:Hülsta

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