Hülsta design toilet/dressing table and mirror

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Hülsta design toilet/dressing table and mirror


HÜLSTA DESIGN TOILET/DRESSING TABLE with DRAWERS AND HÜLSTA MIRROR: - toilet / dressing table wide 119.5 cm, 36 cm deep, high 70 cm - valve cabinet with crystal mirror - chest of drawers with 3 drawers, high 45 cm, wide 50 cm, deep 37.5 cm - crystal mirror 136.5 cm high and 90.5 cm wide - light oak - as good as new, no damage About HÜLSTA: More than 75 years ago, Alois Hüls opened a furniture factory with 10 employees in Stadtlohn, Westphalian, thus laying the foundation for our company. The brand name Hülsta arises from the founder's family name (Hüls) and the place name (Stadtlohn). His son, Karl Hüls, takes over the company in 1960 and transforms it into the most famous German furniture brand. In terms of furnishing, Hülsta has had a major influence on furnishing in Germany right from the start with its product developments. More than 220 national and international patents are still registered under the name Hülsta. Milestones in product development are the INTERMAT bedroom wardrobe, which can be extended endlessly in 1962 and the start of slatted base production in 1965. To recognize real quality, a look or a touch is often enough. Real quality is distinguished by exclusive design, carefully selected materials, high-quality workmanship and traditional details. True quality also means durability, impeccable functions, long shelf life and lasting beauty that will still delight after many years of use. That is the kind of quality for which Hülsta has become synonymous.

Brand / designer:Hülsta

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