Herman Brood - The Most

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Herman Brood - The Most


image size 66 x 66 frame size 89 x 91 list Yes technique Screen printing art type Category B 575 to 1025 style figurative inventory A list type 85 SZI orientation square size medium Hermanus Brood was born on November 5, 1946 in Zwolle and started his music career at the age of 17, after an aborted study at the Arnhem art academy. As a keyboardist with the Arnhem band The Moans, Brood toured extensively in the German nightclub circuit, where the foundation was laid for his excessive alcohol and drug use. At the end of the sixties Brood was part of the legendary Drenthe blues band Cuby + Blizzards. At the end of the seventies, Brood started an extremely successful solo career. Brood's manic lifestyle resulted in the albums Street and Shpritsz, which have since become Nederpop classics. An attempt to achieve success in America failed miserably and heralded the decline of Brood's musical achievements. In the eighties and nineties Brood manifested himself mainly as a visual artist. His drawings, serigraphs and action paintings were in great demand with a wide audience. Brood was happy to help build his image as an incorrigible 'son of all mothers' and did not hesitate to make his private life a public matter through the tabloid press and TV appearances. Brood's continued high alcohol and drug use made his physical condition so worrying that it was feared for his life. In the last year of his life, the second part of Brood's biography of his friend Bart Chabot was published, meaningfully titled Broodje Halfom. Brood himself surprised his listeners with an excellent last album Ciao Monkey, to which he already alludes to the end of his life. On July 11, 2001, Brood decided that his body had run out and his zest for life had disappeared. He ended his life with a jump from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel. A rock 'n' roll legend is no longer with us, but he leaves his mark in the form of a varied and extensive body of work and a richly documented life history.

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