George Heidweiller - Film landscape red /99

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George Heidweiller - Film landscape red /99


image size 70 x 60 frame size 94 x 92 list Yes technique screen printing art type Category A up to 575,- style figurative inventory A list type 85 SZI orientation landscape size medium The Amsterdam visual artist George Heidweiller was born on 15 May 1963 in Beverwijk. From 1980 to 1984 he was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Since his classical education at the Royal Academy in The Hague, Heidweiller has been exploring the possibility of combining diverse techniques and graphic elements in collages. But it is not only different techniques that the artist mixes in his works. George also mixes visual fragments of various origins. Because you often see western and eastern icons side by side on his canvases, you get the feeling that you are on a journey around the world. Asian street culture, South American use of colour, Western violence, consumption, the erasing of the dividing line between art and life.. The editing technique that George Heidweiller uses in his current work fits in seamlessly with the current image of art, in which old, new and different elements within the TTn concept are integrated. The artist's use of materials varies greatly. Silkscreens made by himself often appear directly on canvas, in which the artist fuses the various image elements into 1 new whole. The image is often enhanced with collages made with mixed techniques on carriers such as paper, cardboard, linen or wood. George Heidweiller's work surprises with a deceptively clear visual language and a high-contrast layering, both in technique and form. The dynamism jumps off his canvases! George Heidweiller has built up an impressive track record with numerous exhibitions and commissions at home and abroad. The artist's work is part of private, government and corporate collections.

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94 cm
92 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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