Geert Jan Jansen - Colors

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Geert Jan Jansen - Colors


For Sale beautiful painting Geert Jan Jansen with the name Colors - very nice color scheme. Dimensions 83 cm by 63 cm - Geert Jan Jansen was born in Waalre 1943. Geert studied art divorce in Amsterdam. His father was a technician at Philips and an art lover. Geert became friends during his studies with Machel Podulke who owned it From Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam. Jansen started organizing exhibitions. and later opened Galeries Jacob and Galerie Raam. When his company started to lose money, he counterfeited his first Apple. Encouraged by this, Geert went to Galeries and to his surprise they were approved by Christie's in London. And was sold for a record amount. Auction houses throughout Europe have sold Geert's work. In the meantime, Jansen moved to France with his girlfriend. Where he was arrested in 1994. At the raid on his castle on May 16, 94 One found 1600 Paintings by Karel Appel, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Raoul Duffy, Ferdinand Erfmann, Charles Eyck, Leo Gestel, Henri Matisse, Johan Miro and Bart van der Leck. In the meantime, Jansen also bought real art and the French judiciary was puzzled as to which ones were real or hand-made by Geerts. In the end, the painter was imprisoned for 6 months. In the years that followed, the judiciary returned hundreds of works to Jansen. Geert currently works in the Netherlands . It was agreed with the senior gentlemen that Geert will continue under his own name. Jansen has done many exhibitions in castles such as Zeist and in America. With exhibitions in Celebration of Monet, Klimt, Cobra, Banksy van Dongen and Schiele. In 2018, Jansen participated in the performance of "Treu Copy", by the Antwerp theater company Berlin. Following the performance, Jansen copied Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin. This Artwork later went missing after an art theft in 2012. The painting was recovered in Romania. The case made international headlines as it was believed to be an original that had been found.

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