Brauck - Red trees

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Brauck - Red trees


image size 65 x 48 frame size 89 x 75 list Yes technique screen printing art type Category A up to 575,- style figurative inventory A list type 85 SZI orientation landscape size medium Brauck (Willem Brauckmann), 1946, emerged years ago from the anonymity that surrounds so many artists. He started his career in 1963 with a study at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. An education which, as befits a good artist in the sixties, he did not complete. What he may have lacked in theoretical training, he more than made up for by his many years of practical experience, including in advertising and exhibition architecture. His illustrations have supported current affairs in newspapers and magazines for many years. Brauck carried out numerous honorable assignments, from television sets to enormous flower mosaics to grace an EC summit in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. A hundred-meter mural for a recycling company and the marking of a tourist route commissioned by the Ministry of WVC. Many works were commissioned by the business community, such as lithographs and serigraphs and, of course, original works in various techniques and materials. Brauck has exhibited many times at galeriedn throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA and Russia. Many works are privately owned, but can also be found in corporate collections and other art collections. The Mayakovski Museum in Moscow has included work by Brauck in its collection. Quote from the afterword of the book Brauck, visual artist by Drs. Sophia M. Hazenberg: He does not like to talk about his work; it is not without reason that he is a painter, not a writer. Although he does write, he describes what he is experiencing, but he does not interpret. His paintings do that. They are more than a representation of an event. A painting is the inner experience of it. Very recognizable. With his paintings Brauck shows how he views existence. He tries to make the viewer aware of the duality within today's society: the constructive on the one hand and the destructive on the other. It is no coincidence that Brauck was struck by Shostakovich's score. The graphic image of the handwriting inspired him to a great extent. In the scribbled notes he saw a combination of a passionate writing method and an inner nervousness. That appealed to him. Brauck is very critical of society, and this clearly shows, but with an optimistic expression. After all, life is not just a total catastrophe! The energetic and expressive brushstrokes have clearly won over a fundamentally pessimistic view. They seem to symbolize the hope and desire for a better management and use of the world. The clever and radiant use of color aims to point the way to a better realization of how beautiful our world can be.

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Nature and landscape

89 cm
75 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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