Bolkast, Sphere Cupboard

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Bolkast, Sphere Cupboard


Bolkast, Sphere Cupboard. This cabinet was designed and manufactured by Robert van den Herik in 2012. This is a unique piece. Robert has designed another round cabinet, but it looks slightly different. The sphere is an attractive shape. † All furniture that requires direct contact with people, that are there for physical comfort, or at least that appeal to physical well-being, have turned out to be a popular subject in the design world. A seat or chair moves freely in the room, inviting you to sit or lie down. The seat or chair comes to you as it were and tries to create a feeling of well-being. They have round shapes to cater to the human body. The cabinet with its completely different functionality, mainly the contact with objects instead of with the mobile and flexible human body, invites you to do something completely different. Moreover, they are almost completely straight because the walls are usually straight and thus grafted onto the economic aspect of reserving space: outside the cupboard for the freedom of movement of people, and inside the cupboard for storing things. That's why cabinets don't seem to inspire the design market. Closets seem to have no aspirations. I want them to participate in the discussion between art and design, keep their functionality, change their form, make them independent from the wall and place them in the space as a participant in architecture and art. † Sphere Cupboard. The sphere is an attractive shape. When the bulb is placed in a living room, it immediately catches the eye, an eye-catcher. The sphere generally breaks the (straight) lines. Dimensions: height 78 cm Width/diameter sphere: 70 cm This cabinet has almost always been in Robert's living room. Been exhibited a few times in Maastricht. The designer: Robert van den Herik is a Dutch designer, living in Belgium. Followed training at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Robert then came up with a new concept for bathing babies. In the past he worked for several companies as a product designer. (including electrical household appliances). He was a problem solver, innovative, also in terms of design. Later he worked in the field of “Art versus Design”. Lighting industry, garden decoration and furniture. Now he is retired and started a long cherished wish…painting. His passion is surrealism and magical realism. Most recent exhibitions with paintings: - The Netherlands, 3 x Maastricht; - China - Italy, Venice; - Belgium, Brussels

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