Bep Toscani - abstract | silkscreen

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Bep Toscani - abstract | silkscreen


Beautiful screen print by Bep Toscani, known for her abstract paintings. Very nicely framed in a heavy aluminum exchange frame with minimal signs of wear. Year: 1991 Edition: 30 of 65 Signed by hand, lower left Image dimensions: 53 (w) x 63 (h) cm Can be mounted on the wall! Note: Photos are part of the description. Please note: the stated shipping costs are within the Netherlands. For shipping to, among others, Belgium, Germany or England, ask the seller about the costs! Toscani's work is dynamic using mainly primary colours. With her work she tries to express conflict feelings, both internally and in human relationships. She draws you into her artworks, as it were, to confront you with emotions as every person experiences them for themselves. An artwork by Toscani cannot be grasped in one go, you have to take the time for that.Bep Toscani uses various techniques to bring her world of ideas to imagination. In her work, especially her paintings, Toscani tries to break free from her emotional charge. In exuberant brushstrokes and intense colors on large sheets of paper, she converts her feeling into color and form. The colors are brilliant and bright, kept in check by gray and black tones. 'Without the black tones, the work is beautiful,' explains Toscani, 'but with the blacks the colors also become more brilliant. That also characterizes our existence.'

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