4x Brutalist dining room chairs

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4x Brutalist dining room chairs


Brutalism is a movement within architecture that originated from modernism. It is characterized by often large block-like structures and rough material. Because of its bombastic, sometimes intimidating appearance, brutalism was mainly used for large public buildings, such as concert halls, libraries, courts and town halls. It is a style that often provokes opinion and had its heyday from the 50s to the 70s of the twentieth century in terms of building design. But in furniture architecture this is a bit different. The interfaces in design are clear. Angular, heavy and original raw material, as a kind of counterpart to all veneer products from the sixties, a lot of brutalist furniture was also made until the seventies. However, in the range of furniture made of original solid wood, the style is spread much wider over time. Even furniture from the 1930s can be labeled brutalist as long as it is solid or natural material and often angular and heavy. This brutalist unique set of 4 (!) pieces is directed to the years 1960-1970 and found its origin in France. Massive and honest furniture. The wicker is in good condtion and because of the wicker the chairs feel very comfortable to sit.

Product details


material-rope, Wood

Brutalist, Vintage

Number of items
4 pcs
45 cm
103 cm
50 cm
Seat height
46 cm


In good condition with light traces of use appropriate to the age of the item

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