2x Søren Ladefoged for SL Møbler

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2x Søren Ladefoged for SL Møbler


1960's Søren Ladefoged for SL Møbler Lounge chairs. Imported by myself from Denmark 20yrs ago. They can be set in two positions, and are very comfortable in both positions! Mahogany wooden frame is completely intact and waxed, so easy to maintain. The upholstery, both interior and exterior have been completely renewed not so long ago, and since then there has been relatively little use. The fabric of the chair is 100% polyester velvet with a very short pile, and is immaculate, undamaged and without discolouration. This fabric can stand in the light and not discolour! and easy to clean/keep! In addition to the black text at the bottom of the seats: "SL Mobler" (= factory) is printed in the wood "denmark", unfortunately not visible in the photo. The chairs are not suitable for people over 85kg, the frame will not hold up for long and also not suitable for people over 1.9m, the seat height is too low for that (44cm from the floor, but if you sit in it sitting this will drop to about 42/40cm) seat depth: 49cm This design item can be viewed in the Whoppah showroom where we have filled 2500m2 with the most beautiful design items. You are most welcome to visit us on Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm (Oregondreef 2, Utrecht). Do you want to know what can be found in the showroom? Then view the Showroom collection on Whoppah.com

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Textile, Wood


Number of items
2 pcs
68 cm
107 cm
85 cm
Seat height
44 cm


As good as new with no signs of wear

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